Spiritualism is a religious movement that began in the 19th Century, but has beliefs rooted deep in human history. A major belief in the movement is the ability of mediums to contact the dead, either to help those who have lost loved ones or to gain spiritual knowledge. Modern Spiritualism differs from 19th Century spiritualism, in that physical demonstrations are now far less common, due to the stigma associated to it. Unfortunately, there were a large amount of frauds during the early years of Spiritualism, giving even the genuine a bad name. Spiritualism is often practised in Spiriualist Churches.

Key Beliefs Edit

There is no definitive guide to the beliefs of Spiritualists, as they are widely spread in their ideas, and for the most part, it is not an organised religion.

God Edit

Many Spiritualists believe in a divine being. Some refer to the being as God, others 'Great Spirit', and there is a wide range of names and interpretations. The Spiritualist God has similarities to the Christian God, for example omnipotence, omnibenelovence, omnipresence, as well as being the creator of the universe.

Communication with spirits Edit

Perhaps the defining belief of Spiritualists is the belief that spirits can be contacted by humans called mediums. These spirits are capable of spiritual growth, progressing through realms and evolving further. They may offer healing (i.e. helping the grieving) or spiriual guidance. They also believe that each person has their own 'Spirit Guide', who gives advice and helps them through life and to spiritually progress.

Equivalent beliefs with other religions Edit