PsychicDatabase:About Edit

The Psychic Database was set up in May 2009 by MrFahrenheit.

Purpose Edit

The purpose of the Psychic Database is to provide accurate, up-to-date information about famous Psychics, living and dead. The wiki was set up in response to the lack of information found on Psychics on sites such as Wikipedia. Wikipedia does have articles on some Psychics and Psychic topics, yet these are largely geared towards the Skeptic point of view, therefore making them useless for anyone with an interest to find out about them. The Psychic Database will also cover Psychic related topics.

Our POV Edit

Obviously, this site is aimed at those who believe, or open to, psychic phenomena. This means that the POV will be largely pro-psychic, with no room for semi slanderous remarks found on other sites. Any comments made that do not present our POV, or press the opposite view: e.g. 'Psychics are fake', will be reverted and counted as vandalism. These vandals will then be dealt with in the normal way.

Articles Edit

Due to this being a new wiki that has only just got off the ground, a large amount of article are stubs that need expanding. If you want to help, just click random article until you get an article that looks like it needs improving, and fix it!

Users Edit

The PD wiki is in need of admins to help get the project up and running- so if you think you can help- contact a MrFahrenheit and put your name forward. If you have shown that you can contribute and intend to help- you are likely to be given sysop status.

Articles that are needed Edit

Can be found here. Please feel free to add to the list.